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This is the home of Bundarra Berkshires Free Range Pork.
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Little Pork Deli


Our aim is to produce the highest quality free range pork with the lowest carbon footprint and raised in the most natural environment possible. You haven't tasted sweet pork like Bundarra Berkshires pork!

We deliver our smallgoods and charcuterie Australia wide and fresh free range pork cuts to metro and regional areas in NSW, VIC and South East QLD.

free range Bundarra Berkshires pigs

Bundarra Berkshires Farms

Lachlan and Lauren started farming Berkshire pigs at Barham in 2010 and now together with Lauren's parents Greg and Joan, farm 200 acres and run 120 sows, totally free range and pure bred.  We chose not to farm conventionally, instead we use biodynamic preparations on the soil, avoid antibiotics and chemicals of any kind, harrow pig manure, nurture native grasses and perennial pastures and we never plough our soil. We are Members of the Australian Holistic Management Co-operative Limited 'Land to Market' and Lauren is also a Director of Murray Plains Meat Cooperative Pty Ltd (heading a project with Murray River Council to build a multi-species micro-abattoir at Barham)


Little Pork Deli by Bundarra

We shifted our butchery and farm shop from the Bundarra Farm to Barham in March 2020. We stock all of our beautiful pork cuts and charcuterie here, serve beautiful roasted coffee, panini's, salads, ready to go meals, cooked pork, smoked smallgoods and a wide range of fine cheeses and local wholefoods. In the butchery we age pork cuts and pack our products to order for the next level experience. This is what real grass fed pork should taste like: no crap, no moisture infusions, no hormones and no antibiotics, just natural delicious pork.
Our pork has been branded gold at both the Australian Food Awards and the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards and is a delicious. Produce Awards State Winner.

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Bundarra Swine Club

We believe that life is about balance and we know that accessing good food can sometimes be tricky. Our Swine Club boxes are a subscription and contain a mix of pork and / or charcuterie tailored to how you eat pork at home, delivered directly to your door from our farm as often as you like. The monthly boxes are flexible to how you eat pork at home, and there are options to add in extra goodies, like cheese, pantry items and seasonal produce from our deli.


Specialty Products

We stock the best local, hand selected brands from people that we know and trust and we believe are outstanding products in their product categories. From free pastured range ducks and pheasants, grass fed Wagyu beef, regional cheeses and cold pressed oils, we know you're going to love them just as much as our free range pork products.

Little Pork Deli Free Range Pork


We produce a whole range of charcuterie including capocollo, guanciale, lonza, pancetta, porchetta, prosciutto, smoked bacon and hams, fresh sausages and smoked sausages. All of our goods are small batch produced in our butchery, by hand and with love. Ethically raised, naturally farmed free range pork. Happy pigs, yummy pork!

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